How does it work?

Cloud based video broadcasting solution for IP cameras
Easiest way to embed live video in your web page!

Easiest way to embed live video in your web page!

Generate time-lapse video online!

Why makes it a challenge to embed the live video of an IP camera in a web page?

  • IP cameras don’t have a video player component that is supported by major platforms
  • IP cameras serve a limited number of concurrent viewers only
  • The bandwidth is limited at the camera location, so only few viewers can be server directly from the camera

Ease to integrate with IPCamLive

  • IPCamLive provides a video player component (based on Flash / HTML5) than can display live video image on major platforms (PC, MAC, MOBILE, Tablet, ect)
  • Easy to connect the IP camera to IPCamlive system via HTTP / RTSP streaming protocol without any additional PC or software
  • IPCamLive can receive and display MJPEG / MPEG4 / H.264 video streams
  • IPCamLive can handle HD resolution video streams as well, so high video quality can be displayed to the viewers
  • IPCamLive servers can serve an unlimited number of viewers simultaneously

Easy way to produce time-lapse clips from an IP camera

  • IPCamLive produces time-lapse clips from the video stream received from the camera
  • Time-lapse clips:
    • Long-lapse clip (long time-lapse video that capture multiple days)
    • Daily time-lapse clips (a whole day turned into a 2-minute-long video)
  • IPCamLive hosts your videoclips so you can easily embed them using the HTML snippet generated by IPCamLive
  • You can download the H.264 compressed time-lapse video clips