Camera Streaming Application

Using IPCamLive Camera Streaming Application (ICSA) you can stream your camera directly to IPCamLive cloud servers without any network configuration or the need for static IP address.

ICSA is a camera side application that runs on your camera. After linking your camera to your IPCamLive account, your camera automatically connects to and sends the live stream to the cloud servers.

Please do not forget to upgrade the firmware of your camera before uploading the application to your camera.

How to connect your camera using ICSA:

Supported cameras and downloads:

Platform Download Cameras
VADP enabled cameras  Download IP8166, IP9171-HP, IP9181-H, IB8367A, IB8369A, IB836BA-HF3, IB836BA-HT, IB836B-EHF3, IB836B-EHT, IB836B-HF3, IB836B-HT, IB8382-EF3, IB8382-ET, IB8382-F3, IB8382-T, IB9371-EHT, IB9371-HT, IB9381-EHT, IB9381-HT, CC8370-HV, FD8166A, FD8166A-N, FD8167A, FD8169A, FD816BA-HF2, FD816BA-HT, FD816B-HF2, FD816B-HT, FD816C-HF2, FD8182-F2, FD8182-T, FD8367A-V, FD8369A-V, FD836BA-HTV, FD836BA-HVF2, FD836B-EHTV, FD836B-EHVF2, FD836B-HTV, FD836B-HVF2, FD8382-ETV, FD8382-EVF2, FD8382-TV, FD8382-VF2, FD9171-HT, FD9181-HT, FD9371-EHTV, FD9371-HTV, FD9381-EHTV, FD9381-HTV, MD8563-EH
Platform Download Cameras
Wisenet III Cameras  Download SND-6011R, SNV-6085, SNV-6013/FHM, SND-6084/FPC, SNB-6010B, SNB-6011B, SNO-6011R/PTL, SNO-6084R/ANP, SNP-6230RH, SNB-7004, SNB-6005, SNB-6004, SNB-6003, SNB-5004, SNB-5003, SNB-6010, SNZ-6320, SNO-7084R, SNO-6084R, SNO-6011R, SNO-5084R, SNF-7010V, SND-7084R, SND-6084R, SNO-6095RH, SND-5084R, SND-7084, SND-6084, SND-6083, SND-5084, SND-5083, SNV-7084R, SNV-6084R, SNV-5084R, SNV-7084, SNV-6084, SNV-6013, SNV-6012M, SNV-5084, SNP-6320RH, SNP-6320H, SNP-6321H, SNP-5430H, SNP-5321H, SNP-6320, SNP-6321, SNP-5430, SNP-5321
Platform Download Cameras
Artpec-3 CRISv32 based cameras  Download M1054, M1103, M1104, M1113, M1113-E, M1114, M1114-E, M2014-E, M3014, M3113-R, M3113-VE, M3114-R, M3114-VE, M3203, M3203-V, M3204, M3204-V, M5013, M5013-V, M5014, M5014-V, P1204, P1214, P1214-E, P1224-E, P1343, P1343-E, P1344, P1344-E, P1346, P1346-E, P1347, P1347-E, P3301, P3301-V, P3304, P3304-V, P3343, P3343-V, P3343-VE, P3344, P3344-V, P3344-VE, P3346, P3346-V, P3346-VE, P5512, P5512-E, P5522, P5522-E, P5532, P5532-E, P5534, P5534-E, P5544, P8514, P8524, Q1755, Q1755-E, Q1910, Q1910-E, Q1921, Q1921-E, Q1922, Q1922-E, Q6032, Q6032-C, Q6032-E, Q6034, Q6034-C, Q6034-E, Q6035, Q6035-C, Q6035-E, Q7401
Artpec-4 MIPS based cameras  Download M1145, M1145-L, M3006-V, M3007-P, M3007-PV, M3026-VE, M3027-PVE, M3037-PVE, M7014, M7016, P1353, P1353-E, P1354, P1354-E, P1355, P1355-E, P1357, P1357-E, P1405-E, P1405-LE, P1425-E, P1425-LE, P1427-E, P1427-LE, P3214-V, P3214-VE, P3215-V, P3215-VE, P3353, P3354, P3363-V, P3363-VE, P3364-LV, P3364-LVE, P3364-V, P3364-VE, P3365-V, P3365-VE, P3367-V, P3367-VE, P3384-V, P3384-VE, P3904-R, P3905-R, P3905-RE, P3915-R, P5414-E, P5415-E, P7214, P7216, Q1602, Q1602-E, Q1604, Q1604-E, Q1614, Q1614-E, Q1765-LE, Q1931-E, Q1932-E, Q2901-E, Q6042, Q6042-C, Q6042-E, Q6042-S, Q6044, Q6044-C, Q6044-E, Q6044-S, Q6045, Q6045-C, Q6045-E, Q6045-S, Q7411, Q7424-R, Q8631-E, Q8632-E, Q8665-E, Q8665-LE
Artpec-5 MIPS based cameras  Download A8004-VE, A8105-E, F41, F34, F44, M1124, M1124-E, M1125, M1125-E, M7011, P1244, P1254, P1264, P1364, P1364-E, P1365, P1365-E, P1435-E, P1435-LE, M3104-L, M3104-LVE, M3105-L, M3105-LVE, P3224-V, P3224-VE, P3224-LV, P3224-LVE, P3225-V, P3225-VE, P3225-LV, P3225-LVE, P3707-PE, P5514, P5514-E, P5515, P5515-E, P5624-E, P5635-E, Q1615, Q1615-E, Q1635, Q1635-E, Q1775, Q1775-E, Q1941-E, Q1942-E, Q3505-V, Q3505-VE, Q3615-VE, Q3617-VE, Q6000-E, Q6052, Q6052-E, Q6054, Q6054-E, Q6055, Q6055-E, Q6114-E, Q6115-E, Q6155-E, V5914, V5915
Ambarella ARM v6 based cameras  Download M1004-W, M1013, M1014, M1025, M1033-W, M1034-W, M1143-L, M1144-L, M3004-V, M3005-V, M3024-LVE, M3025-VE
Ambarella ARM v7 based cameras  Download P1428-E, Q3708-PVE, AXIS Q3709-PVE, Q6128-E
Ambarella ARM v7HF based cameras  Download M1045-LW, M1065-L, M1065-LW, M2025-LE, M2026-LE, M3044-V, M3045-V, M3046-V